About Us

The HBCU Tutor started December 30, 2018 in the bedroom of Alexander Benjamin Lowe. It was winter break so I had been trying to relax from my first fall semester at The Fort Valley State University.  Problem was, I wasn't resting. I had been thinking about everything that had happened over the past semester. I had experienced so much growth mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This made me even more determined to move forward along my path and purpose. This brought me to the most eye-opening experience of the whole semester, that I was great at tutoring. It's funny because I had tutored some years before, but I didn't enjoy it. However, after working with my university and tutoring for a couple months I grew to love it.

As this realization hits me I'm reminded at the vision my friend and mentor Randall Barnes spoke into existence with me. The HBCU Tutor!!! After debating internally, I decided it was time for action. It was around 11:30 at night but I made my way to Walmart to grab supplies. I got posters to storyboard all my ideas around my room. After more planning I realized I needed a website for my business and I made my first huge purchase of my website, domain, and gsuite. By the time I made it back to Fort Valley for my spring semester I had a sense of my purpose and still no idea of how I was going to do everything, but as time passes we continue to get closer.


"Alex is a very excellent tutor. He helps me better understand different math concepts outside of the class room . He is very patient and very motivational. His S.M.A.R.T method has been a great help."
-Kierah Blythe

"My tutoring experience with Alex has been nothing but amazing. His teaching style is by far the best I've ever seen, and that's why I'll continue going to him.  I know that whenever I leave no matter how hard the math was, I'll undoubtedly know what I'm doing when it comes to the math he taught me prior. I've tried going to many tutors but it turns out that everyone is not good with relating to people and their struggles with math. When I go to someone other than Alex I feel as though I'm being judged by that person, even though that's probably not the number one thing that's running through their head while they're helping me. While being tutored by Alex I feel like the environment is a judgement free zone and I can mess up however I want without being looked down upon . I do hope that he continues to tutor people because personally, he's the most competent tutor I've had by far." 

-Antona White